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Sonia Gomez, Mexican (b. 1981, Monterrey, Mexico) lives and works in Monterrey. Mexico. Graduated with honors from a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from ITESM. Selected winner of Catedra Blanca at ITESM in 2004. Later that year moved to New York where she obtained an Interior Design Certificate in Parsons School of Design.

The artist joined the architecture firm TEN Arquitectos were she collaborated in projects such as Brooklyn Visual and Performing Arts Library and the Guggenheim Competition for Guadalajara. During her time in New York the artist continued her art education at School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, and MOMA.

Later worked for Arquitectonica´s offices in New York and Paris. In 2008 Sonia was part of the collective exhibition at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. She has been part of collective exhibitions such as Cruz Roja, El Encuentro a lo sensible at MARCO, Exposicion colectiva del Taller de Lupina Flores at BAM, Monterrey.

In 2009 had her first solo exhibition at IBM´s tower in Monterrey. Her second solo exhibition was in December 2012, Sueños de Libertad. In March 2013 she participated in the collective exhibition Reimagina reinventa at Museo del Centenario, San Padro, Nuevo Leon. IN October 2013 exhibited at la Casa de la Cultura de Mazatlan.

In 2013 she exhibited at Andares Exhibition in Plaza Fatima. From 2015 to 2018 she has been part of el Encuentro a lo Sensible at MARCO, Monterrey. “Sonia’s work emerges from a constant analysis of her daily surroundings, capturing moments as something unique and special, almost as something surreal, with dreams and hopes of a better tomorrow and with the melancholy of what someday was”


Her work represents a constant critic of today’s social situation. Each canvas is treated in a unique way and has a profound analysis of forms, colors and textures. Her work tries to define and understand a comprehension of life itself, analyzing the fragility of life and human kind.

Life after death, our path or journey through this world, and how and when will we meet again.


Through her eyes the evocation of work is seen as an antidote against vices and she also questions present history. She uses all kinds of materials and deepens in various techniques. Acrylic is constantly used in Sonia’s work. She finds definition in the components of her work, in the aesthetics, in the intention of each painting, and through that process she explores many different forms, textures and shapes. Without being afraid of emptiness, she uses big scale canvas that end up being colorful and unlimited in motives. Nuria Rangel, Art Historian

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